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Many of our contributors are available for public appearances, hosting events, stand-up, voice over work and more. Please message us some details of your requirements and who you would like to be involved, and in what way; we will get back to you with a quote within 7 days [email protected]


The 'Kermit The Frog' to this rag-tag collection of fabulous Queers, Weirdos and Wonders. And yes, they all deserve those capital letters. Rylan began The Gay Agenda in Nov 2014 with Captain Stevie and Auntie John, both of whom have moved on to new projects. Since then the show has grown in popularity, and in August 2015 That's Pride sprung into life.

As well as spreading information for and about the LGBT community, he also writes and produces theatre work in the Manchester area. Find his theatre work by clicking here.

Available for public speaking, event hosting and voice-over work, script commissions, as well as radio and tv appearances.


A Drag King and comedian, Lydia brings energy and freshness to everything she does. A proud feminist, Lydia pulls no punches when calling out the LGBT community for its own shortcomings.

Available for stand-up, public speaking and hosting work.

p r e v i o u s    /    o c c a s i o n a l     c o n t r i b u t o r s


A musician, broadcaster and activist, Ashleigh is dedicated to shining a light on issues faced by the LGB and particularly the T people of the world. She frequently appears on BBC Radio Manchester with Mike Sweeny, as well as co-hosting That's Pride and featuring regularly on The Gay Agenda.

Available for public speaking and hosting work, as well as radio and tv appearances.


A geek, comedian, American and all-round good egg. Kate has been a regular contributor to The Gay Agenda since the early days. She still manages to fit in appearances on both the radio and tv shows in her busy schedule. Who'd have thought having a career, performing comedy and having a wife would be so time-consuming?!

Available for stand-up comedy, public speaking and hosting work, as well as voice-over, radio and tv appearances.


Junior is a Manchester-based project founder of DESTIGMATIZE, a project aimed at tackling HIV stigma and educating people socially through personal storytelling. Specialises in HIV activism and LGBT+ advocacy.

available for public speaking and hosting work, as well as radio and tv appearances.


A school teacher and writer, Ben is turning his attention onto LGBT film for The Gay Agenda. The Pink Lens takes a look at cinema old and new, and the queer representation therein.


A grass-roots campaigner, Jess is a vital part of the group Action For Trans Health, and does a lot of work on behalf of TELI (Trans Equality Legal Initiative).  Jess is softly spoken and a gentle spirit, which hides the fierce and determined activist within!


Business business business! Like Chandler Bing, we've never really been sure exactly what it is Stevie does. Stevie is one of the original co-hosts for The Gay Agenda, enjoying heated debate and never afraid to learn.


Anthony is a historian and author. For over a year he contributed the weekly 'This Gay In History' feature, which explored people and events in the LGBT calendar throughout history. Steam trains are his passion, and can often be found covered in coal-soot at the controls of a mighty locomotive.


A clown, illustrator and Drag Queen, Sye is king of puns. Since moving to Sheffield, Sye has unfortunately been unable to make it back regularly for the shows. Sheffield's Drag scene got a lot more fabulous and subversive since 'Vermilda Hyde' arrived.