G A Y    A G E N D A    M E D I A

E S S E N T I A L     Q U E E R     B R O A D C A S T I N G


A live queer panel game show.

This new event from the team at Gay Agenda Radio uses the tried and tested format of the panel game show to look at issues facing the LGBTQI community. 2 teams head-to-head for the glory of local and national charities! 

U P C O M I N G   Q U E E R Y   E V E N T S

We are not currently planning any more QUEERY events to take place. Stay tuned for updates!

P A S T   Q U E E R Y   E V E N T S

Q U E E R Y   m a n c h e s t e r   p r i d e

24/08/17 from 6.30pm

QUEERY's 3rd outing found us returning to Tribeca in Manchester's gay village for an evening of quizzical smut and silliness as part of Manchester Pride.

Team A was captained by Emma Goswell from Gaydio, with Comedian Kerry Leigh & Drag Queen and poet Adam 'Beyonce' Lowe.

Claiming the trophy was Team B, who won by only one point, captained by Ashleigh Talbot, with comedian Mandy Tootill and with David Hatton; a key part of the Sainsbury's employee LGBT group.

Q U E E R Y   l e v e n s h u l m e   p r i d e

Saturday 12/07/17 QUEERY's 2nd outing was part of the very 1st ever Levenshulme Pride!

This QUEERY was part of a much bigger evening of entertainment and shenanigans. 

Leading the VICTORIOUS team A was The Gay Agenda's own Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow, with Chris Thompson, the former Landlord at The Levenshulme and former Lord Mayor of Manchester Carl Austin-Behan.

Leading team B was Jeremy Hoad 'Mr Levenshule', with Murry from ALL FM and Becky Fox, a feminist campaigner and the Academic Representation Coordinator at MMU

Q U E E R Y   s p a r k l e

QUEERY for Sparkle featured...

Michelle O'Toole, HUSK aka Alfie Austin, Annie Wallace, Tara Hewitt, Chaz Affra and Rebecca Fox.

Annie Wallace's team, though initially behind on points managed to secure the win with their fantasticly awkward depiction of Trump & the Pope in the final 'acting challenge' of the event.