G A Y    A G E N D A    M E D I A

E S S E N T I A L     Q U E E R     B R O A D C A S T I N G

Please remember to include website links / social media links / contact details of those you are nominating, so that we are able to contact them.

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Charity Of The Year

The charity that you feel has most helped the LGBTQI community in the last 12 months.

Activist / Campaigner

An individual activist or campaigner who has lead the charge on important LGBTQI issues.

Community / Support Group

A group of individuals who come together to help LGBTQI people; who provide emotional support, and care of any kind to those who need it.

Creative Artist

An individual or group whose creative output (of any kind; poetry, dance, theatre, band/musician etc) has most affected you, told your story, or inspired you in some way.


Club Night, One-off event, Talk, Presentation, Festival etc aimed at / produced by LGBTQI people.


An individual who through their work, volunteering, creative output, activist activity or public engagement has been this last year’s ‘voice’ for Manchester's LGBTQI people.

Si Hands Community Engagement Award

Named after Si Hands who passed away summer 2017, who was a champion of breaking down barriers between groups. This award is for a group or individual who has in particular broken down barriers, challenged established norms, brought people together and improved the lives of LGBTQI people.


An individual who has selflessly dedicated their time, and gone above and beyond in helping local LGBTQI causes.

Queer Of The Year

An individual who has been tirelessly working for and on behalf of Greater Manchester's LGBTQI community, behind the scenes, and without the recognition they deserve. This person could also be someone previously nominated in a different category.