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E S S E N T I A L     Q U E E R     B R O A D C A S T I N G
nominated for UK podcast of the year 2015 / won listeners award for best talk show on Fab Radio 2014

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Gay Agenda Media has been engaged in actively promoting equality, as well as the people and charities that constantly do good work. Not only in Manchester UK where we are based, but on a worldwide platform as well.

We have reached the end of an almost continuous 4 year run of weekly shows, and are looking ahead to a brand new start in 2018. Instead of weekly podcast/radio shows we will be releasing 4 seasons of programming throughout the year. Each season will feature 5 shows, each focusing on the particular struggles and issues faced by the diverse parts of our community. Naturally we will also be celebrating the art, culture and strides in progress that have been made as well.

Despite not releasing any more shows until Spring 2018, do follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest worldwide LGBT headlines, as well as the events we put on, attend, and promote.

In Spring 2018 we will also be revealing the winners of our QUEER OF THE YEAR awards, so head to the QOTY page on the website to nominate your local LGBTQI champions.